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Retire Well, Retire Happy: The Podcast

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The Wake-Up Call

Join Ann Nelson today as her guest Becky Keuker, reveals the valuable wake-up call that her and her husband received that made them sit up and take notice of what it is like to struggle in retirement when a family member ran out of money. Becky is a fun loving individual who shares her story both pre and post retirement. Are you ready to face the challenges that retirement brings?

March 11, 2017
30 min 2 sec


Thou shalt retain control of your investments

Jason Hartman is a financial guru who believes Wall Street is a modern version of organised crime. Jason puts his trust in residential real estate and invests in postivite cash flow properties. Jason is an author, speaker podcast rock star and financial guru. Listen as Jason reveals his investment criteria and the top places to invest.

February 26, 2017
20 min 45 sec


How are you going to pay for your future?

According to Damion Lupo the best time to start saving and investing was 20 years ago. In other words start as soon as possible. Damion has a wealth of experience covering precious metals, real estate, venture capital and financial consultancy. Listen to America's , Damion Lupo, talk strategy about building wealth over many investing types.

February 14, 2017
30 min 6 sec


America's Money Answer Man says Time beats all odds

Listen to Ann Nelson interview Jordan Goodman, America's Money Answer Man. Jordan has been writing and talking about Money for 40 years. He is regularly called upon as a financial analyst for TV shows and is also a regular guest on national, local radio and podcasts. In this Retire Well Retire Happy episode Jordan share some of the strategies that we could all take advantage of to put us in a better financial position.

January 22, 2017
37 min 48 sec


Retiring with your Friends

Six friends, three couples, who got used to holidaying together conceived the idea of creating a Retirement Community together. This radical idea of living together in the future in the country in one dwelling was 10 years in the making. Listen to how these friends sorted through all the obstacles to bring their idea to fruition. Now seven years after successfully integrating into the local community they would not change a thing.

October 27, 2016
26 min 00 sec


Planning your Financial future gives you more choices

With over 15 years working in the Financial Services industry this experienced lady is switched on to the needs of clients and keeps their portfolios complying with the very latest in government legislation. Louise specializes in financial education, planning, property services and Self Managed Super Funds. Louise is the author of the book, Worthy Women, and director of the Lyfe Group. In the book Louise works through the stages of controlling your finances from getting your budget under control, asset protection, paying off the mortgage, then looking at your savings for retirement through Superannuation and building your investments.

October 4, 2016
27 min 46 sec


Get Paid to Travel

Merrian Styles has 30 years experience of working around the world, in professions ranging from a managing director, marketing consultant to a change facilitator. Merrian knows what it takes to run a company. Starting from a young age with her now ex-husband, they worked predominately with most of the large Oil & Gas companies taking them from Malaysia, to Cairo, Paris and Western Australia. Merrian has re-invented herself in her 50's and is using her work travel experience to pen a book, 'Taking Off How to be paid to Travel', interviewing, some of the most successful people in the world that combine work and travel.

August 30, 2016
28 min 9 sec


What's the safest Property Sector to Invest in?

Paul Flynn bought his first house in 1985 and over the last 30 odd years has gone on to establish the Paul Flynn Property Group, Queensland's largest established home company. Would you like to retire rich and live off your property rental income? Then you need to listen to someone that has done the hard yards and has built up a personal property portfolio of over 30 residential properties. Paul's listed business activities include property development, property trading, property investment, property marketing, property financing, property management, property maintenance, portfolio management, buyers agent, share investment and share trading. Listen to Paul Flynn's expert advise and catch one of his Property Seminars held in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney, Australia.

July 4, 2016
20 min 16 sec