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Retire Well, Retire Happy: The Podcast

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Investing Secrets of the Wealthy

Graham Bibby is the founder of "The Insiders Club". Graham is an investment professional with over 35 years of studying what makes share markets move. Graham is also an entrepreneur, property developer, an author and sought after commentator on TV, media and is a regular on CNBC and Bloomberg. Graham's is the author of 'Master your Mind, Master your Money' and has a new book out soon, 'The Truth Behind the Investing Game". Graham shares his insights from his extensive experience of studying the charts and the investing habits of the rich.

June 24, 2016
34 min 36 sec


Get your Self Managed Super Fund Structure Right with Shane Ellis

With close to 600,000 self-managed super funds (SMSFs) now operating in Australia and average account balances of over $500,000 it is now critical to get your Tax Structures right. Shane Ellis is a much sought after Lawyer that specializes in SMSF Tax Structures and having the right Estate Planning in place to deal with these structures. Shane is Senior Partner in SMSF Law, an author, and sought after speaker. It's not Do it Yourself (DIY), you need to have the correct structure to hold your Retirement Savings. Shane encourages us to be proactive by educating ourselves, use qualified advisors where necessary so that when we get it, we keep it and can pass it on!

May 24, 2016
25 min 36 sec


Do you want to get paid thousand of dollars for your time and expertise?

This is a real treat to hear someone that has built his empire from humble beginnings with no formal education. Darren Stephens is a Entrepreneur, Author, Hypnotist, Publisher, Speaker and Marketing genius behind the Mars/Venus Brand. A believer in investing in self education and learning from your mistakes. Darren has accumulated much wealth and boasts owning a holiday home on Hamilton Island off Tropical Queensland where he takes his large family regularly to escape the winter. Darren now gives back by sharing his knowledge and lessons on the success journey. Learn how to accumulate it and how important it is to learn to keep it, to invest it.

May 5, 2016
30 min 8 sec


Travelling the World Permanently on a Shoestring Budget

It is possible to see the world and be on permanent vacation for under $7000 AUS. This is not a typo. I talk to one man who has mastered living on a shoestring. Shane has visited 109 countries and still counting. A self confessed hard nose budget traveler, Shane has settled into spending all of his time in various Asian countries. By living like a local, forgoing most travelers luxury perks and keeping an eye out for bargain airfares Shane is able to live abroad spending up to three months at a time in each location.

Apr 19, 2016
36 min 54 sec


Volunteering has many benefits both Personally and for your Community

By joining her husband and becoming a member of the Lional International organization Di Pyers has been able to help the disabled, the disadvantaged and many others. Di has willingly taken on many roles within the Lions International including Branch and committee member in both a Lions and a Lioness club and Past District Governor. Di is involved in the Miss Popularity Quest as District Chairman each year as well serving on the Board of Director of the Lions Medical Research Foundation to name a few. If you want to make new friends, get involved in your community with worthy projects, help out when natural disasters hit or be involved in various Medical Research projects then come and have a listen to this remarkable lady. Di is an example of how to Retire Well, Retire Happy.

Apr 7, 2016
28 min 12 sec


There's money in Jam. Owen & Kaye Pope share their Jam journey

Founders of the Anathoth brand with their James and Pickles in New Zealand started their brand from making jam from their raspberries that could not be sold fresh.  This began for them on a journey of establishing a system and sticking to it which is one of the pointers to having a successful business. They were eventually taken over and forced out by corporate companies. Ever the battlers they have moved country and used their experience to Reinvent themselves in Retirement to go back into a former version of their system. Their values and governing set of principles have guided them, helping them in their retired life. Owen's advice is to have a good quality product,  be efficient in production then look to increase profitability without compromising your quality. They now share their business system in a book on the principles of marketing.

Mar 29, 2016
39 min 56 sec


87 Years Young and Still a Power House of Energy

Discovering the healthiness of deep quality breathing when learning to sing in her previous years set Kawena on a path she never imagined. Being a singer made her gain confidence and the ability to make presentations with no fear. She is an inspirer, an author and a motivator.

Mar 16, 2016
21 min 48 sec


Bored in Retirement? Learn what one Retired Couple David & Valerie Hine did

Joining Herbalife was a desirable idea for David and Valerie because of many factors that include; their retirement had started getting a little bit boring, so they decided to try something out, the startup cost required was low and thus affordable and lastly because they needed finances to support the hearing project in Nepal. The idea turned out to be the most brilliant and profitable later on after they had adopted it fully.

Mar 7, 2016
22 min 00 sec