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Retire Well, Retire Happy: The Podcast

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How to lead an active Retirement

Heath coach promotes getting our lives back in balance

Who said life in retirement had to be sedentary. We owe it to ourselves to keep active and keep ourselves in the best shape possible. Julia Chidgey is a health coach and promotes how easy and important for us to take a look at our health choices to get our lives back in balance. Having a health coach may just be the secret weapon you need to support you in your quest to get you feeling on top of the world again

August 24, 2017
24 min 28 sec


  • 2:00 Julia Chidgey background
  • 3:50 Life Coach extension
  • 5:o0 Wheel of Life
  • 7:00 How to find a Health Coach
  • 10:30 Breaking Old Habits
  • 13:25 Core Belief
  • 15:30 How to change
  • 16:50 Trap for older people
  • 20:50 Where do we struggle
  • 22:00 Be poractive


Be Ahead of the Pack

Tim Klingner is benefiting from starting his investing journey young

Just imagine knowing that your financial future was taken care of and you can look forward to your retirement.  The things you do today will have a bearing on your future.Today’s podcast guest on Retire Well Retire Happy, Tim Klingner, started playing the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) share trading game while still at high school.  It gave him the confidence and knowledge to start his investing journey at an early age.

August 17, 2017
26 min 52 sec


  • 1:50 Tim Klingner background
  • 3:50 Early trading
  • 5:40 Mentors and refining strategy
  • 6:50 Growth strategy
  • 9:00 Superannuation Australia's answer to IRAs and 401K's
  • 11:15 Tim's criteria
  • 13:30 Follow the trend
  • 18:00 Find your reason to invest first
  • 20:30 Where does Tim find stocks
  • 21:30 Recommended resources

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Luxury Holidays – Trip of a lifetime or preferred style

Over 50s preferences revealed

Whether it is a once in a life time adventure or we are just getting to that stage in our lives when we are more cashed up and can enjoy a few more frills the over 50’s are leaning towards indulging in luxury holidays. To get the latest on where you can travel to I turned to Leanne Willmot, the Sales Development manager for Queensland with Scenic, the Australian owned luxury specialist tour and Cruise Company.

August 10, 2017
25 min 55 sec


  • 2:00 Leanne Willmot background
  • 4:00 Scenic story
  • 5:15 Main Focus
  • 12:00 The future
  • 16:40 Scenic's customersy
  • 20:20 Travel Tips
  • 24:10 Agents


Investing can give you Choices in Retirement

Noel Edwards reveals how he Mastered his Investing style

Some of us are self-directed investors that look after the investing of their own nest eggs. Whether by need or for the challenge there are many of us out there that are making good money investing in the stock market? Noel Edwards has agreed to share his investing journey with us in this latest episode of Retire Well Retire Happy podcast. Noel has become a success investor in the stock market by doing the work; he read the books, does his research and developed an investing strategy. Noel after initial trial and error has come up with a winning strategy that suits him and his lifestyle giving him ample time to enjoy his hobbies and interests.

August 3, 2017
32 min 56 sec


  • 1:50 Noel Edwards background
  • 3:00 Retirement goal
  • 5:00 Slow start to investing
  • 6:20 After retiring got serious
  • 8:40 Noels investing strategy
  • 12:50 Noels filters
  • 18:15 Risk management
  • 20:30 Control your emotions
  • 21:00 Recommended resources

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Value in using a Professional Property Buyer

Rich Harvey shares his Real Estate Strategies for Investors

Paying for advice may seem foreign for many Australians but the value you get in return may not be measured in short term gains. In the long term good advice can pay you back 10 fold by buying in the right place and for the right price. Rich Harvey has worked in the real estate market for many years and shares his expert knowledge on all things property buying.

July 30, 2017
27 min 57 sec


  • 2:20 What is a Buyers Agent?
  • 6:50 Advice without fear or favor
  • 7:35 Mining Towns
  • 8:50 Types of clients
  • 9:40 Working with Expats and overseas buyers
  • 11:00 Price growth slowing
  • 12:30 Investing interstate
  • 13:30 Start a Habit today
  • 14:50 A property cycle
  • 16:00 Strategies
  • 19:20 Downsizing Tips
  • 20:50 Retire where you used to holiday
  • 22:30 Success stories


Life is a Journey of Self Discovery

Selina Seah reveals how to find your Invisible Power

Today’s guest is Selina Seah, an Energy Alchemist, and author of the International Best Seller book, ‘The Invisible Power, The 9 Powerful Laws of Highly Successful People’. This is a little different from my usual interviews but it was too interesting not to share. Selina says that we are made up of more than our physical bodies. We all have an invisible energy and to truly know ourselves, we need to know more about ourselves than we are used to knowing. Her studies have taught Selina that there are more ways to accomplish things than most of us imagine. She sincerely believes she is able to help people understand themselves from the inside thus increasing their personal power.

July 20, 2017
24 min 48 sec


  • 2:00 Introduction to Selina Seah
  • 3:30 Our Invisible Power within
  • 4:20 Useful tool for many purposes
  • 6:25 Our emotions
  • 7:25 Where do we start?
  • 8:00 Spend time alone
  • 9:25 Success begins within yourself
  • 12:50 Do small things well
  • 14:20 Understanding our innermap
  • 19:30 Our auras contain valuable information
  • 21:25 Another way to raise your energy levels


Investing Success Starts with Creating a Road Map for your Life

Ann Babiarz shares how to Ensure your Investing Success

Ann Babiarz, an investor, a coach and author of the book, ‘Up’, shares her Investing success tips. Believe it or not it starts by creating a road map for your life. Life is a journey and when we go on a journey we need a plan. Ann explains why an investing strategy needs to be congruent with your life and values.

July 14, 2017
24 min 19 sec


  • 1:52 An Introduction to Ann Babiarz
  • 3:40 It's more than picking an investing strategy
  • 5:50 Wheel of Life
  • 7:50 Everyone is Self Employed
  • 9:20 Begin with our values
  • 11:30 Mindset and creating your plan
  • 13:50 The future is never as far as you think
  • 14:40 Need a reason why
  • 17:20 Life skills and personal finance is up to us
  • 18:50 Your belief system creates your Balance Sheet
  • 21:50 Risk can work both ways
  • 23:20 Values could determine your investments - conscious investing


How to Escape the Rate Race

Tyler Sheff from cashflowguys.com share his investing secrets

I love hearing about how people got out of the rut and found a way to put money aside and invest for their future. There are a lot of schemes out there to get rich. I prefer to see that the people that are promoting these investing strategies have rungs on the board and can prove that what they are pushing they have achieved success in personally. There is the old saying that if it seems too good to be true that perhaps it is. As my guest on today’s show, Tyler Sheff, says ‘what makes the most money usually has the most risk’. There are other ways to invest for your future and sometimes slow and steady wins the race.

July 6, 2017
26 min 50 sec


  • 2:10 How Tyler Sheff got started
  • 3:40 18 Years experience
  • 5:35 Can't rely on the government so who do you listen to?
  • 8:35 Principles of Leverage
  • 9:35 Benefits of using a Coach/Mentor
  • 11:00 Find your why?
  • 13:00 Returns to expect, tips on where and what to buy
  • 17:30 Buy and Hold strategy in real estate
  • 20:20 International investors
  • 22:10 Interest in Belize


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